Kelley’s K-9 Camp Puppy Class 2


For Puppies 18 Weeks- 8 Months

This class is $160 for five consecutive weekly sessions unless a break is mentioned. Each session is approximately 50 minutes and will meet on the same day and time each week. A free orientation meeting will be held prior to the start of the first class and may not be on the same day or time as the other five weeks.

While early puppy training is as easy as it is enjoyable. It is much more challenging to ensure that your puppy maintains bite inhibition, remains socialized and friendly to other dogs and people, and continues to pay attention to you and your instructions while working through adolescence. During Puppy 2 classes the focus is on proofing verbal control without the need for food lures or rewards, or any other training tools. Exercises include distance sits in play (for the home, yard, dog parks and off-leash walks), settle down, rock-solid stays, and both off-leash and on-leash walking and heeling.

Puppy 2 will help you teach your adolescent pup to be calm, attentive, and to respond quickly, willingly, and happily, especially when distracted, off-leash, and at a distance.


Social Skills, House Manners,

  • Puppy Biting,
  • Socialization With Dogs And People
  • Calming, Handling and Gentle Restraint
  • Focus And Attention
  • Household Manners
  • Crate Training
  • Chew Toy Training
  • Familiarization with novel objects

Basic Obedience and Games

  • Come
  • Follow
  • Stay
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Leave it / Take it
  • Impulse Control


Puppy Class 2 Requirements

Pre-requisite: Must have completed Puppy Training 1 within the last 4 months.

Age: From 18 Weeks to under 8 months old.

If your dog is older than 18 weeks old and has not completed Puppy Training I, please start with Basic Household Manners and Obedience.

Vaccines: Proof of Rabies vaccine and up to date DHLPP/DHPP are required at the first session of our Puppy 2 Classes. Proof of vaccines on paper is preferred.

What To Bring To Class

Proof of vaccinations is required at the first class. Please bring proof of two DHPP vaccinations given 2-3 weeks apart — the second vaccines must have been administered after 8 weeks of age and 5 days prior to the start-date of class.

Titers showing immunity to DHPP are also acceptable.

Have your dog/puppy wear a flat, buckle/snap collar, with a 6′ nylon or leather/biothane leash.

Chain type and “Flexi” retractable leashes are not appropriate for class. No Martingale, noose or collars that tighten please. Harnesses are allowed in classes in addition to a flat collar

Don’t feed your puppy right before class. Instead, bring their kibble to class in a ziploc bag or treat pouch for use as lures and rewards while training. Also bring a few high value treats to reward your pup for their best performances. Make sure your treats are in small, bite-sized pieces that won’t fill your pup up or take long for them to eat.

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Sandy M. Janet is a top notch trainer with a wealth of knowledge in the canine world. My dog is all wags and wiggles every time she sees her. We feel very comfortable leaving our little puppy with her
Sandy M
Janet is amazing!! Stella loved staying with her during her stay and is excited to come back again. Janet spent a lot of quality time with Stella and taught her so many things and Stella loved it.

Krish P.

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